Monopoles / Transmission Poles

Monopoles / Transmission Poles

Do you need a reliable steel pole manufacturer to meet your needs?

Utility companies are under constant pressure to keep the lights on for their clients, and a reliable transmission infrastructure helps make that happen.

So when they need to purchase, upgrade or replace steel transmission poles, where can they turn for precision steel fabrication and on-time delivery? Texas-based Falcon Steel America offers turnkey steel pole manufacturing, with all products made in the USA.

The designs and fabricates a full line of steel transmission pole structures ranging from 69kV to 500kV. Our highly qualified, in-house engineering staff can provide the best solutions in design, meeting necessary load requirements and all industry standards.

High levels of output and focus on quality result from our in-house system and workflow quality process methodology.

Customized steel power pole design to fit your requirements

Utilizing CAD/CAM layouts that optimize the amount of material required, our steel pole manufacturing process starts as plate and is cut using automated (CNC) plasma/oxy cutting machinery.

A tandem 54’0” press brake forms the longitudinal bends that shape the multi-sided tapered tubular pole. Shaft half-shells are joined using our submerged arc welding equipment with a capacity of up to 1.25” thickness and 96” diameter where a partial penetration weld is performed to assure proper structural integrity of the pole shafts.

Steel pole manufacturing with a keen eye on quality and precision

A full penetration weld is then completed on each end. The pole then goes to the squaring press to bring it back into proper dimensions, then it moves to fit-up where all the required attachments, assemblies and sub-assemblies are fit.

The base plate requires a full penetration weld between the bottom shaft and the base plate, the most highly stressed areas of the pole. Due to the critical nature of this connection, we utilize a variety of non-destructive testing processes (visual and ultrasound) to assure quality.

A service-minded partner with half-a-century of experience in steel pole fabrication

At Falcon Steel America, we’re known for a tradition of excellent customer service that is paramount to everything we do. For more than 50 years we’ve earned a reputation for providing some of the highest-quality products in the industry. And we complete every project on time, on budget and with precision.

So send us your project specifications and let us provide a solution for your next steel transmission pole project.


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