Steel Lattice Towers

Steel Lattice Towers

Do you need a US-based steel lattice tower manufacturer who understands your needs?

Quality. Integrity. Precision. Flexibility. On-Time Delivery. That’s what utility companies want from a steel lattice tower manufacturer. And that’s what Falcon Steel America can provide for you.

The leading USA-based provider of steel lattice towers, we develop and deliver customized solutions through our highly experienced in-house team, offering steel lattice tower design, detailing, prototyping and fabrication.

We support companies throughout the United States, and we understand your needs because we’re based here in Texas, not overseas. We produce a wide range of steel products, including guyed and self-supporting delta and flat towers for single, double and multiple circuit configurations ranging in voltages from 69 kV to 765 kV.

Customized steel lattice tower designs that fit multiple terrains and environments

Drawing on an extensive database of tower designs going back more than 50 years, we are able to expertly design and manufacture steel lattice towers for all terrains, environments and operating conditions. Our expertise covers the full range of transmission tower types, including:
● Tangent
● Running-angle suspension
● Strain
● Dead end

We have the ability to produce both galvanized and dulled tower steel according to your unique needs. Dulling—also known as deglaring—entails the application of consistent shading to the tower steel utilizing our state of the art proprietary formula and processes, which retain all the properties of galvanization. We can supply a wide variety of consistently dulled steel lattice towers as defined by your reflectivity range requirements.

A steel lattice tower construction partner you can rely on at any time to meet any need

Our in-house design team offers a broad array of services to meet our clients’ unique needs, including:
● Steel lattice transmission tower design
● Detailing
● Manufacturing
● Bundling
● Prototyping
● Shipping

Whatever steel product you need, we can manufacture it.

Projects delivered on time, on budget and with precision.

What we take pride in most is our ability to deliver excellent customer service by completing projects on time, on budget and with precision. And our plants conform to AISC fabricating procedures, so you can rest assured that our products will be of the highest quality.

So send us your project specifications and let us provide a solution for your next steel lattice tower project.

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