Highway Structures

Steel Highway Poles and Structures

Do you want a one-stop steel manufacturing resource for all of your highway sign poles and lighting structures?

Falcon Steel America is a leading provider for steel highway structures, including lighting, signage, and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

We offer a full line of overhead sign structures, roadside sign structures (large and small), tubular structures, and specialty roadway sign structures. We also provide roadway illumination and high mast lighting structures.

A trusted partner that will deliver your project on time and on budget

We work closely with The Department of Transportation, as well as construction and erection companies to provide quality highway sign structures on time, delivered directly to your job site.

Falcon Steel America is a leader in working closely to the industries requirements and changes and has helped drive design changes and improvements that follow the ever changing regulations.

So send us your project specifications and let us provide a solution for your next highway sign structure project.





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