Electrical Substation Steel Structures

Electrical Substation Steel Structures

Do you need a steel fabricator who is flexible to your needs?

Every electrical substation is different in some form or fashion. So doesn’t it make sense to find a reliable steel fabrication partner that is flexible enough to meet your specific needs?

Falcon Steel America is a leading designer and fabricator of a full line of substation steel structures. Based in Texas and with all products made in the USA, we have the capability to manufacture from existing standard designs or customer provided drawings.

We can also take conceptual designs through a full engineering and drafting process to create new standards or one time fabrication drawings.

Substation Steel Structures Customized to Meet Your Needs

Based on your requirements, Falcon Steel America can customize, design and manufacture complete substation steel structures or specified sub-assemblies. From low-side support, switch and pedestal structures to high-side 500kV tapered tubular dead end structures, we can fabricate any solution to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Dead End Towers (Tubular, Wide Flange, Lattice)
  • Switch Supports
  • Arrestor Stands
  • Insulator Pedestals
  • Bus Supports
  • Terminal Structures
  • Transformer Supports
  • CCVT Supports

Turnkey substation steel structure fabrication

Falcon Steel America’s fabrication teams include experts in complex full or partial penetration welding—processes we have performed repeatedly and successfully for more than 50 years.

From in-service deflection limits to special grounding requirements, we also understand the critical needs of transmission line termination structures, designing and manufacturing to your unique specifications.

Our in-house system and workflow quality methodology streamlines our production processes, from AutoCad shop drawings to Production Data Quality to CNC-driven fabrication—resulting in a highly efficient cycle time, first pass yield, higher quality levels and increased production rates. In addition, our plants conform to AISC fabricating procedures.

Projects delivered on time, on budget and with precision.

What we take pride in most is our ability to partner with you and deliver excellent customer service by completing projects on time, on budget and with precision.

So send us your project specifications and let us provide a solution for your next electrical substation steel structure project.

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