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Falcon Steel White Paper Compares Lattice Towers, Steel Poles

Examines Differences, Benefits between Powerline Support Structures

FORT WORTH, TEXAS—January 12, 2016 – Falcon Steel has released a white paper to help power delivery providers understand the relative advantages of lattice towers and steel poles used in transmission support structures. A leading producer of steel structures for power delivery systems, Texas-based Falcon Steel is the only manufacturer and fabricator of both lattice towers and steel poles based in the United States.

Titled, The Lattice Tower or the Steel Pole: A Compatibility Comparison, the white paper covers three core areas where the lattice tower and steel pole fabrication process differs:

  • Engineering Design, highlighting the way loads are transferred for each structural type
  • Manufacturing, which addresses the distinct parts used in the two structures
  • Field Assembly, particularly the differences in how components are put together.

The paper also reviews how variations affect cost differences between the two types of structures, as well as when one structure might be more appropriate and cost-effective than the other.

“Lattice towers are a decades-old solution, and steel poles are a much newer option that has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades,” said Claus Sutor, executive vice president, engineering and marketing for Falcon Steel. “Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and aren’t necessarily interchangeable. Our goal is to help providers maximize the benefits of each.”

The white paper is available for download from Falcon Steel here.

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