For Immediate Release

Falcon Steel Company is now Falcon Steel America, LLC

New Investment Group Provides Equity, Slashes Debt, Increases Growth Opportunities

FORT WORTH, TexasSept. 12, 2016  — Falcon Steel America, LLC today announced that Chase Bank, ReignRock Capital Partners, LLC, and Inverdale Capital Management, LLC have come together to fully recapitalize Falcon Steel. The transaction provides significant new equity and debt financing to support substantial levels of future growth, and marks the transition of Falcon Steel Company into its new entity, Falcon Steel America LLC.

Based in Fort Worth, Falcon Steel America is a leading designer, fabricator and engineering provider of products and services, primarily for power transmission and distribution (T&D) companies, as well as for steel structures for the transportation industry.

“This is a milestone for Falcon because it gives our company the financial strength to purchase new equipment, hire new and highly skilled employees, make strategic acquisitions and expand into areas that offer outstanding growth opportunities for the entire Falcon team,” said Jim Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Falcon.

“Falcon’s superior management team, combined with its 53-year track record of providing outstanding quality and customer service, make this a compelling investment for our firm,” said Doug Kramp, Managing Partner for ReignRock Capital Partners, a recently-formed, Dallas-based private equity firm.  “We look forward to helping Falcon achieve its aggressive growth plans going forward.”

Stewart Geyer, Managing Partner of Inverdale Capital Management, added, “We are excited to take part in the resurgence of this great American company. Falcon is defined by skilled people, quality products and exceptional perseverance, and we look forward to the next chapter in this company’s storied history.”

Lindsey Hester, Executive Director of Chase’s Commercial Banking business, said, “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with this management team and this investor group to provide financing to Falcon Steel America and help revitalize and grow an established Fort Worth business.”

Founded in 1963, the newly named Falcon Steel America has become a well-known innovator in providing utilities and other T&D providers with high-quality and reliable steel-fabrication products. Among the company’s most noted product lines are:

  • Steel Lattice Towers: Manufactured for all terrains, environments and operating conditions; towers range in voltages from 69 kV to 765 kV.
  • Substation Structures: Complete substation steel structures or specified sub-assemblies based on customer requirements.
  • Steel Poles: Designed to meet necessary load requirements and all industry standards; Falcon’s pole structures range from 69kV to 500kV
  • Substation Structures: Complete substation steel structures or specified sub-assemblies based on customer requirements.
  • Steel Highway Structures: Including lighting, signage, and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

According to Taylor, the company’s new name emphasizes its American roots, which he believes are a major advantage for customers who want quick turnaround times and responsive communications.  “When on-time delivery is critical, geographic and cultural proximity are major benefits,” he added. “American-made products also stand for quality—which is exactly what our reputation is built on.”

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