Structural Design Services

Steel Structure Design Services

Do you need customized steel structure design to meet your unique needs?

To create state-of-the-art products, you need a highly experience, professional staff with a wide range of disciplines and capabilities.

Our experienced steel fabrication team, coupled with our in-house team of industry-best engineers and detailers, means your design will be done right, on time, and with the greatest attention to precision and quality.

Our engineering staff is prepared, whether you need a discrete design job, or customized solution to move your steel transmission structure project from concept to reality.

Our engineers are keenly aware of field-fitness challenges, and they are committed to interactive collaboration and continuous improvement through on-going application of lessons-learned.

Falcon Steel America offers more than 50 years of steel structure design experience. All based in the USA

Falcon Steel America’s engineering and detailing teams have been chosen for their experience, dedication, education and their defining tradition of excellent customer service.

We have the tools, training and experience to generate cost-efficient, weight optimized designs that consider the full scope and complexity of your project.

We utilize the latest technology and tools in our steel structure design processes, including PLS-POLE, TOWER, AutoCAD and 3-D Inventor. And our in-house database archives more than 50 years of successful designs. We also use ASCE 113 “Substation Structure Design Guide” specifications in every project.

It all starts with the design…

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